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It’s Official!

The day has come! Pray for the Mien and God will hear from heaven. Ask the Lord to bring the Mien nation into to his kingdom! Watch and share this video as you pray!


Fast for the Mien

SONY DSCDear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We will be launching the “Pray For The Mien” prayer initiative on Friday, May 31st.  It is our goal that we will be able to mobilize thousands of people to pray that a church multiplication movement will occur among the Mien of Southeast Asia until they are reached.  Our goal is to get 500 subscribers/intercessors by May 31st, and then thousands more beyond that.  Many have already subscribed, but we still have a ways to go.

On the day of the Launch, the PrayForTheMien team is going to be fasting, as we are asking God to do something amazing with this.  We would like to invite you to join this fast.  Our plan is to fast from around 7 am Thursday morning (May 30) until about 7 am the next morning (US Central Time).  The Launch message with a special video link will go out a couple hours later.

Would you like to join us in this fast?  If so, please send a message to and let us know!

If you haven’t yet subscribed, please click on the Join the PrayfortheMien Movement link.

Thank you very much for fasting and praying for the Mien.

For Christ’s Glory,


The Plan

NT church ChioWe are very excited to begin this new prayer initiative for the unreached Mien of Southeast Asia. We are calling on anyone and everyone who love the Mien people and want to see them reached to join us in regular prayer for the Mien.

We are praying for a Church Multiplication Movement to occur among the Mien until they are reached. Such a movement has never taken place in history without abundant prayer on behalf of the faithful who call out to God regularly for him to move. We believe with all our hearts that God DOES want to move and pour out his grace upon the Mien. We also believe that if we pray persistently as Jesus taught us to pray (Luke 18:1-8) we will see much Kingdom fruit.

This is how it works—Click here to subscribe and receive regular prayer updates.  Enter your e-mail address when prompted. You will then be signed up to receive daily prayer requests to lift up to the Lord on behalf of the Mien people in Southeast Asia. Whenever you see an update in your inbox, lift up a prayer to God for the Mien. You will be a critical part of the effort to reach this strategic people!

The Grand Launch date for Pray For The Mien is May 31, 2013, but you can subscribe immediately. Our goal is to get at least 500 people signed up and ready to pray by May 31st. So, in addition to subscribing yourself, we ask that you help to recruit 10-20 more people to also subscribe. Perhaps your church or Sunday school class can all join together.

We envision and global prayer force of people praying for the Mien people. Long term, our goal is to recruit one person praying for every 10 Mien people in Southeast Asia—so over 100,000 subscriptions. This is for God’s glory and the redemption of the Mien people! Thank you for joining forces with us!

Join the Movement by following THIS.

For Christ’s Glory,